Creating professional perspectives through sports – TEICHMANN CRANES wins new employees through the sponsorship of wrestling

The new apprentice of TEICHMANN CRANES and wrestle Hamzat.

The team of the wrestling club TV Essen-Dellwig

At the newly built training center at the company site in Essen, many athletes find a first contact point for social contacts, for worries but also for a professional contact  point in their new home.

Zalimhan Visajtaev, current project manager came to Germany as a migrant in 2001 and quickly was able to connect with the company TEICHMANN CRANES through wrestling at TV Essen-Dellwig. After a three week internship during school, he started a permanent position as a sales assistant after graduating. He then went on to work on as a working student during his bachelor degree. He is currently working as a sales engineer and is a part-time master student.

This year’s trainee Hamzat Awtaew, who came to Germany as a migrant from Chechenya in 2007, shows that a career prospect can be created through sports and is an important element of integration. Through wrestling at the club TV  Essen-Dellwig he quickly made friends as well as professional acquaintances. Because of the proximity of TEICHMANN CRANES to the wrestling club, he was able to successfully find an apprenticeship as an electronics technician starting from September 2017 at the company location in Essen. His younger brother Ramzan is also an active wrestler. The fifth wrestling world champion also works in the company as well as his father.