FROM OLD TO NEW: TEICHMANN CRANES modernises the Wenker gantry crane in a record-breaking 7 weeks

Gantry Crane BEFORE

Gantry Crane AFTER

Modernisation of steel work BEFORE including sandblasting and repainting.

Modernisation of steel work AFTER including sandblasting and repainting.

Construction and manufacturing of new crane trolleys.

Construction and manufacturing of new crane trolleys.

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Crane trolleys BEFORE.

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Crane trolleys AFTER.

First, the gantry crane was dismantled at its place of origin in Langgöns, Hesse, Germany and transported to the TEICHMANN CRANES manufacturing halls in Essen for the planned modernisation and conversion measures. Due to the extensive conversion works including an increase in load capacity and to not disturb the normal cause of operation of the customer, a conversion on site was not possible.

In Essen, the steel construction and the supports of the gantry crane were completely overhauled, including partial sandblasting and mechanical derusting, and then given a new coat of paint.

At the same time, the span of the crane was extended by 2.70m and the load capacity increased from 2 x 12t to 2 x 16t.

In addition, the entire electrical system of the crane, including cabling and trailing cables, was renewed and the existing control system was converted to a PLC control system with a built-in remote maintenance module. The crane received new control cabinets and new LED lighting.

In addition, 2 new trolleys were designed and manufactured at the TEICHMANN CRANES location in Essen, as well as new crane carriages.

It took just 7 weeks from dismantling to reassembly and commissioning.