Precision Landing: Relocation and reconstruction of a gantry crane in only 6 weeks!

In addition to the pure relocation of the crane, TEICHMANN was charged with extension of the crane span from 45 m to 50,85 m. The extension of span by nearly 6 m was carried out in Essen where the welding seams were also prepared for being re-welded at the place of reassembly in Huissen.

In parallel to these works dismantling of the crane at the original location in Weert and the transport to Huissen were carried out. Not much later the newly manufactured span extension arrived in Huissen. After arrival of all components in the Dutch Huissen the complete crane bridge was measured with optoelectronic measuring instruments and welded together at the prepared welding seams. Furthermore, due to the span extension the complete crane had to be reinforced at the upper flange.

Upon the special request of the customer the portals were widened by 3 m at both sides to allow transport of bigger components through the supports. The spectrum of services also included a complete overhaul of the mechanical system and the conversion from a trailing cable system to a bus bar system with transmission path for exchange of data. In addition to that the crane was equipped with a new electrical system with frequency converter control and SPS control.

Now nothing was standing in the way of assembly, cabling and commissioning of the crane. The customer could take over his crane exactly at the agreed date of delivery.