TeichmannGroup finished the works at the core of the new container terminal in Basel

[Translate to Englisch:] Verladung der Multipurpose- Sonderlaufkatze am Hafen Basel.

[Translate to Englisch:] Die Positionierung der mehr als 200 t schweren Kranbrücke mit einer Gesamtlänge von über 134 m erforderte höchste Präzision.

TeichmannGoup – Your network of strong partners

The customer decided to purchase a workshop overhauled gantry crane with complete renewal of the control system and of the mechanical components. Already in spring it had to be ready for operation being appropriate for general cargo and container handling operations. The given time frame of a maximum of 6 months not just required the many years of experience of our crane experts but also a diligent and reliable planning. To be able to meet the tight time schedule particularly a good organization within the complete TeichmannGroup was necessary. Under the project leadership of TEICHMANN CRANES in Essen they worked with bundled know how in this exciting large-scale project. In total 3 of the 8 company locations in Germany and Switzerland participated in disassembly, modernisation works, reassembly and commissioning of the crane.

And they did it with success: The good interlinking and the great reliability of the well-coordinated partners made it possible to realize the project in record time. After dismantling of the second hand crane in Kehl TEICHMANN CRANES carried out the general overhaul of the trolley, the reconstructions of the steel structure and the electrical construction. At the same time BRUNNHUBER CRANES in Augsburg manufactured the electrical switching cabinet. The regional Service Partner Cranetech Switzerland was charged with the further commissioning of the gantry crane at the company location of the customer in Basel.

Dismantling and modernisation of the biggest crane of Switzerland

For dismantling of the crane in Kehl carried out by service technicians of TEICHMANN CRANES in total 4 telescopic mobile cranes were used. The employees of the TeichmannGroup worked day and night to assure an on-schedule delivery and to be able to put the crane into operation again very quickly. With regard to the ship loading operations the transport of the crane was the first logistic challenge. As the ship could not approach near enough to the quay wall, the responsible persons just went ahead and loaded it over the water.

Some crane components, among them the trolley, the transformer cells and the crane driver’s cabin, were transported to Essen by ship for being completely overhauled by TEICHMANN CRANES before their shipment to Basel. The reconstruction and adaptation of the steel construction, the workshop inspection and the repair or replacement of all defective steel components were also performed here. After modernization of the complete electrical and mechanical equipment the crane was technologically updated to the latest state of the art. Furthermore the gantry crane was equipped with a special multi-purpose trolley that is ideal for general cargo and container handling operations in the new container terminal. All other components were directly transported to Basel after an exhausting functional test.

TEICHMANN CRANES developed a sophisticated reassembly concept and was thus able to erect the gantry crane in extremely confined space.

Not just the shipment from Kehl am Rhein to Basel but also the reassembly of the remarkably big gantry crane were logistical challenges for our engineers. Especially the bridge elements with a total length of more than 134 m and a net weight of all in all more than 200 t made it very difficult to assemble the crane on the customer’s premises. Already before delivery of the huge segments the planning of a special logistical solution was necessary.

To be able to manage the assembly in these extremely confined space conditions our crane specialists developed a sophisticated reassembly concept requiring highest precision: In spite of the limited space two bridge segments were prefabricated. Afterwards the last joint was brought into pull-up-position and placed onto two containers. They were welded together in a height of about 5 m.

To the satisfaction of the customer the tight time schedule could be adhered to thanks to a good organization and the successful interplay within the TeichmannGroup. The reassembly works could be accomplished by TEICHMANN CRANES by the end of April. Afterwards the colleagues from our regional Service Partner Cranetech SWITZERLAND took over the further commissioning of the crane that is already being in use this month as one of the biggest cranes currently operated in Switzerland.