Concrete Specialist in Sweden orders TEICHMANN Gantry Crane

During reconstruction works the crane was equipped with a double girder trolley with 2 electrically movable hooks; the span was adapted to 30 m and the lifting height to 15 m. Consequently both on the crane bridge and on the supports the cables and cable drags had to be re-installed. To prepare the crane for use in winter a trolley rail heating system with temperature control was installed along both trolley tracks with total length of 90 m. A protection roof was mounted above the hoists and the trolley travelling drives. After modernization of the electrical system all signal transmissions from crane, trolley and lifting functions are made via radio remote control.

Another technical highlight is the installation of an anti-collision system which prevents crashes between the new and the existing gantry crane in the outside area. Workshop test, transport and assembly ran smoothly so that the new crane could already be put into service in December after dismantling of the old tower crane. Thanks to the replacement of the crane installation a faster handling of goods will be possible in future.