Traveling crane supports a German manufacturer of tool steels

In the storage location of a specialist for tool steel manufacturing where tool steel blocks weighing several tons are stored and moved, an overhead travelling was urgently needed. As TEICHMANN CRANES disposes of a huge inventory the appropriate crane installation was quickly found. A travelling crane with capacity of 12 t was chosen to be the successor of the former crane. Some reconstruction work performed in the TEICHMANN factory in Essen was necessary for preparing the giant for its purpose of use and for meeting the customer’s requirements. In order to be able to reuse the existing lifting beam after dismantling of the old crane this traverse was adapted to the new crane and to the new span. The cabling had to be adapted to the extended span of 28 and the rope lead-off had to be reconstructed.

A robust rotating trolley in version of open winch unit was also part of the new crane equipment. The slewable arm of the trolley allows turning the loads while transporting them and it enlarges the working area. In addition to that it brings the advantage that a high lifting capacity is achieved even though the deadweight of the installation is low. Furthermore the crane was equipped with a cabin control system and a one-sided walkway having two LED spotlights and an alarm horn on its bottom side that can be activated from the operator’s cabin.