Update: Successful assembly of a TEICHMANN overhead travelling crane in just 8 hours

A short time after stoppage of the machines there was still a temperature of more than 50°C and a very high humidity in the large hall. In spite of that TEICHMANN CRANES succeeded in realizing the assembly to the satisfaction of the customer within the tight time slot of only 8 hours.

In the course of the maintenance works taking place that day in the paper factory the TEICHMANN specialists only had a time slot of 8 hours for assembly of the travelling crane because operation in the factory had to be continued smoothly afterwards. The angled construction of the hall was a particular challenge because the huge segments of the crane had to be maneuvered very carefully through the building.

Electrical commissioning and acceptance by a crane expert were scheduled for the following week. After that the crane will provide its services and it will be able to lift the weight of much bigger paper rolls than the existing cranes.