TEICHMANN CRANES delivers 35t container spreader to biggest logistics specialist in Germany in just 6 weeks

The spreader, which can hold both 20, 30 and 40 feet ISO containers, can be positioned fully automatically to the appropriate container size and is equipped with a new sensor system.

The second-hand spreader was extensively overhauled. Inter alia, the following works have been carried out:

  • Testing of all existing weld seams by the magnetic particle method
  • Ultrasonic testing of twistlocks including a detailed test report
  • Renewal of the complete electrical system incl. PLC control and energy chain
  • Control cabinet in stainless steel and vibration-damped suspension
  • Conversion of the sensor technology to non-contact proximity switches
  • Overhaul of all cylinders and renewal of valves including pressure test
  • Repainting

The assembly of the refurbished spreader was carried out upon customer agreement on a weekend. Due to good planning and a great cooperation with the customer, the complete crane and spreader were handed over even before the given time window.

TEICHMANN CRANES is Europe's largest supplier of cranes and crane components such as load handling devices using refurbished components. Through the targeted use of refurbished second-hand components, delivery times and prices can be reduced by up to 50% compared to a new purchase. A comprehensive service offering with services such as UVV testing, conversion and modernization, spare parts service and an 24-hour emergency hotline complete our portfolio.