Logistical masterpiece by ship

The Bayernhafen Group operates inland ports in Aschaffenburg, N├╝rnberg, Bamberg, Roth, Regensburg and Bamberg. Already in 2006 and 2014 the crane specialist from Essen could demonstrate their skills when they successfully relocated a crane. This year and once again they were charged with the relocation of a double jib level luffing crane having an own weight of 200 t.

Dismantling in confined space conditions

The crane with maximum lifting capacity of 25 t and a span of 11 m had been used primarily for general cargo handling and now had to be transported by ship from its current location Aschaffenburg to Regensburg.

The confined space conditions at the place of loading in the port of Aschaffenburg presented a particular challenge. On the left side, at a distance of 2 m, in parallel with the crane rails, there was the harbor basin and on the right side there was a wall, only 1 m away from the crane rails. Due to this very limited freedom of movement dismantling was pure precision work!

To begin with the portal crane was separated into its components and disassembled with the help of a 500 t truck-mounted crane in the port of Aschaffenburg. The upper carriage with a weight of 130 t alone was disassembled and loaded onto the ship. Then the travel carriage of the portal with a total weight of 70 t followed. Initially rusty connection bolts complicated dismantling. These could not even be loosened with pressure and tension of 160 t and had thus to be shot out by means of an oxygen lance. Thanks to their experience our crane specialists had the necessary equipment at hand and could therefore continue working without delay.

Passage to Regensburg by ship

When loading the crane onto ship our people again faced a logistically challenging situation because they had to observe the maximal component height of the ship that was limited to a maximum height of 7 m for being able to pass through locks. As the crane has a construction height of 35 m it had to be dismantled into its main assemblies to allow a transport by ship.

After a five-day boat trip the TEICHMANN Team already awaited the freight in the port of Regensburg where after unloading all parts of the crane were derusted and treated with an anti-corrosion agent. Furthermore the power supply was reconstructed from 400 V to 20 KV and the boom hoisting gear with spindle drive was overhauled. In addition to that the fixed leg and the swing leg were extended due to a different rail position at the new place of use in Regensburg. Now nothing could stop our technicians from reassembling the crane.

After assembly, a complete commissioning including acceptance was carried out by one of our crane experts to fully satisfy our customer Bayernhafen GmbH & Co KG yet again. Now the crane can fulfil its tasks in an efficient way at the new location Regensburg where it is still being active today.