Knight in shining armor!

Stahl Adams GmbH from Gelsenkirchen is specialized in steel processing and in sale and rental of excavation support systems. Their customers are renowned civil engineering companies.

A transmission failure caused the standstill of the DONGES gantry crane manufactured in 1976. As no spare parts were available, the gantry crane with capacity of 15 t and span of 37 m was retreated in close consultation with the customer.

The motorized gear units of trolley travelling and crane travelling and the hoisting motor were renewed. Furthermore the crane was equipped with a new electrical system. The electrical modernization also included conversion into frequency converter control, load measurement by means of sum overload and load spectrum recorder and renewal of the complete wiring.

In addition to that the hydraulic rail tongs were overhauled. For this the rail tongs had to be disassembled into individual parts, defective components had to be replaced, damaged bolt connections had to be conditioned and steel components had to be cleaned by sandblasting. After that the rail tongs were painted, assembled and mounted at the crane again.

Only 10 weeks passed from the moment of order placement until acceptance by a crane expert which allowed quick reactivation of the modernized gantry crane. In the year 2012 TEICHMANN CRANES had already delivered a gantry crane to Stahl Adams and this time again they could help in a targeted and professional way thanks to smooth communication and individual drafting of solutions.