From the German North-Sea to the Polish Baltic-Sea

PORT HANDLOWY SWINOUJSCIE is operating five quay facilities with different structures lying directly at the mouth of Swine. Every year 12 millions of tons of all kinds of goods are handled here. Due to the increased container traffic in the Baltic region the Polish port operator is currently planning to create additional capacities for container transhipment. Now for the first time containers will be handled at the Hutnikow quay. The exposed and easily accessible place located directly on the shores of the Baltic, the breadth and depth of the Swine delta, the condition and equipment of the wharfages with existing crane tracks allow loading and unloading of deep-sea ships.

Teichmann gives advice to customers from the very beginning

In order to optimize the Hutnikow quay for container transhipment its complete infrastructure had to be examined in detail. Having in mind the tight time schedule and the financial framework PORT HANDLOWY SWINOUJSCIE decided to purchase a used crane installation and to benefit from the expert knowledge of Teichmann Cranes. The Crane specialist from Essen provided advice to the Polish port operator since the start of the project.

Again the investment in a used crane installation turned out to be a real alternative to purchase of a brand new crane – not least thanks to the short delivery times and the comparatively lower acquisition costs.

Thanks to the worldwide Teichmann network several cranes could be offered for selection

As Teichmann Cranes operates internationally and disposes of a worldwide network of customers and multiplier several suitable used Ship-to-Shore cranes from different European ports could be offered to PORT HANDLOWY SWINOUJSCIE. After specialist consultancy and evaluation of all technical and economic factors a used crane installation manufactured by KOCKS in 1993 was chosen including all modifications that were necessary after change of location. Teichmann had been able to beat the competition, not least thanks to the complete all-round service. The crane specialist from Essen is able to perform all tasks with its own resources. The terminal operator EUROGATE also benefits from Teichmann’s know how. As a result of many years of cooperation both companies agreed the exclusive marketing of crane installations. Finally the suitable crane for PORT HANDLOWY SWINOUJSCIE was found at the Eurogate Terminal.

The decision was in favour of a former Eurogate crane

Eurogate is Europe’s leading container terminal group being independent from a shipping company. Their existing cranes are gradually replaced by larger and more powerful installations in order to meet the requirements of increasing ship dimensions. Due to permanent maintenance and various modifications the crane installations that have been taken out of service are in excellent technical condition. Consequently they are very interesting for smaller seaports or those with slightly lower container handling volume.

However, not just the suitable technical equipment had a significant influence on the buying decision but also the extensive technical competence of Teichmann. As full-service provider of used crane installations in as-new-condition the specialists from Essen are used to offer as well transport and necessary modifications for the ordered crane installations

Modifications and service included among other things:

  • Temporary electrical connection in Swinoujcie in order to safeguard the safety relevant components by means of flight security lighting and emergency lighting

  • Modification of the cable roll-up from water-sided to land-sided including all necessary reconstructions of the steel structure, modifications of rail clamps, wind protection devices, hydraulic buffers
  • Retrofitting of power feed from 10 KV to 15 KV by replacement of the MS-entry components, slip ring bodies, MS-switchboard and transformer
  • Translation of the Crane Management System ( CMS ) into the Polish language including translation of the about 1.000 fault messages
  • Commissioning at the new location in Swinoujscie with connection of the control voltages and supply voltages, test of bus system, drive testing, functional test and preparation of acceptance test
  • Various training measures for the staff on site in Poland
  • Translation of the existing documentation into the Polish language for presentation during acceptance test