121m long gantry crane for roof renovation of Berlin Ostbahnhof

Manufacturing in Essen & Berlin

Manufacturing in Essen & Berlin

Transport by ship and truck to Berlin

Assembly at Berlin Ostbahnhof

Assembly at Berlin Ostbahnhof

Assembly at Berlin Ostbahnhof

Assembly at Berlin Ostbahnhof

Assembly at Berlin Ostbahnhof

Assembly of crane outreach

By 2025, the two rail halls at Berlin's Ostbahnhof will be modernised while rail traffic continues. In the course of the modernisation, among other things, the glass elements of the over 100 year old glass roof will be renewed. With over 100,000 commuters per day, Berlin's Ostbahnhof is the third largest train station in the German capital. For this purpose, the TeichmannGruppe has now delivered a gantry crane over 121m long with a span of 59m and a lifting height of 33.5m.

The working area of ​​the gantry crane will be from east to west over the entire length of the station. The use of the gantry crane therefore enables a continuous material supply over the entire roof area.

The special crane was manufactured at two manufacturing sites of the TeichmannGroup in Berlin and Essen.

Special safety features for operation under rail traffic

Due to the rennovation process of the roof, which will take place while the railway is in operation, the crane had to meet strict safety requirements within the manufacturing process. For the transport of the heavy glass elements, a special load-bearing basket was designed. This 8.5 m high load basket is equipped with special, puncture-proof flaps, which prevents the attached load from falling down even if the hoist fails. Before the load can be moved, these flaps must be closed and the load must be lifted to the top of the hoist. This process is monitored electronically. The maximum lifting capacity is 1.6t.

The rotating crane trolley of the gantry crane, which was manufactured in Essen, is equipped with two redundant hoists that run in tandem operation. Both hoists have a lifting capacity of 3.2 t. This means that both hoists are oversized for the initial lifting capacity required and the attached load is therefore doubly secured.

Above that, the trolley has an additional auxiliary hoist with a load capacity of 3.2 t, which additionally secures the attached load. In the event of an accident, the load can be safely removed from the damaged position using the auxiliary hoist.

The 121 m long crane was transported with a total of 10 trucks from Berlin and Essen by night and special transport, by ship and truck.

Confined space conditions during assembly in Berlin city centre

The extremely confined space conditions on site, were particularly challenging. A total of 5 truck-mounted cranes were used for the assembly: a 550t lattice boom crane, a 500t telescopic crane, a 70t telescopic crane, a 300t truck-mounted crane with a man cage and a 120t truck-mounted crane for ballasting the lattice boom crane.

The crane and the two crane outreaches with a length of 25.7m and 36m were assembled during a partial closure of the station, overnight and on a public holiday.

For the smooth operation of the crane, even after assembly and commissioning, the colleagues from BRUNNHUBE CRANES in Berlin are available with the help of a 24-hour service for any kind of technical problems. Due to the geographical proximity, a short response time can be guaranteed and the crane can be operated safely and reliably.                

Gantry crane for roof renovation Ostbahnhof, Berlin

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