Update: TEICHMANN CRANES develops sophisticated assembly concept

The 3 bridge segments of the gantry crane with length of 50 m each were a logistical challenge in respect of the crane transport from Kehl am Rhein to Switzerland for our engineers. Furthermore, due to the restricted space on the customer’s premises, a sophisticated reassembly concept had to be developed in advance. The lack of space made it necessary to prefabricate two of the bridge elements. The last segment was brought into the right position for being lifted and in a height of about 5 m it was placed onto 2 containers for being welded in this height.

Thanks to the successful interaction and the good organization within the TeichmannGroup the tight time schedule could be met to the satisfaction of the customer. The assembly of the gantry crane will be accomplished by TEICHMANN CRANES by the end of April and afterwards the colleagues from Cranetech Switzerland will take over the further commissioning of the gantry crane as local service partners. Inf May 2016 the first containers will be loaded.