Top performance: BRUNNHUBER winch reinforces high-performance machine in Stuttgart

BRUNNHUBER winch reinforces high-performance machine

During this modernisation process the crane specialists from BRUNNHUBER delivered and exchanged, among other things, the existing winches of the crane with a brand-new BRUNNHUBER winch. With the new BRUNNHUBER winch the modernised crane will transport 4,959 t of soil from a 45 m deep shaft within 24 hours. In 24 hours, the crane runs around 30,000 m of hoisting rope – with up to 20 layers a month, this means over 6 million metres of rope in only one year of operation. Thanks to state-of-the-art drive technology, the BRUNNHUBER winch can also meet particularly demanding lifting tasks and is not without reason core of more than 5,000 crane systems worldwide. The winch is designed according to a modular basic concept and is individually configurable.To be able to defy even difficult operating conditions, special attention has been paid to a robust design, simple maintenance, optimal service accessibility and a reliable, long-lasting operation.

For more than 24 months now, the plant has been in operation and has not stood for a single day. This fact clearly speaks for the outstanding quality of the BRUNNHUBER winches!