Almost done: 53m long BRUNNHUBER crane bridges are on their way to Switzerland!

For the development and construction of the two 53 m long and 73 t heavy crane bridges, about 10,000 working hours were completed by a total of 40 employees. In addition, two pendulum and fixed supports with chassis as well as various catwalks, climbs and attachments were manufactured. The cranes were transported by heavy transport with two trucks and under police supervision to the motorway, and then to the port of Königs Wusterhausen, where they were shipped to Muttenz (Basel, Switzerland).

The transport alone required about 3 months of planning and included, among other things, a route survey, application of driving permits and even the removal of street lamps on the route. This spectacular transport through the night of Berlin even made the television curious, so that the entire transport and the loading onto the ship was accompanied by a camera crew of the rbb.

On-site, the two crane bridges were unloaded using an autotransporter crane and a double level jib luffing crane delivered by the TeichmannGroup to the port company just earlier this year. See the article here:

After a 14-day crossing by ship, the crane components will be welcomed by the BRUNNHUBER CRANES GERMANY staff in Basel and assembled and installed with the help of a 500t mobile crane. Installation and commissioning will take about 3 weeks.

The newly constructed crane portal, consisting of two equal-length crane bridges, will then at the company’s location in Switzerland replace an existing crane portal from 1939. On the crane portal, a slewing crane with a dead weight of 75 tons has been used for agricultural goods handling, which is also modernised by BRUNNHUBER CRANES GERMANY and then placed on the newly delivered crane portal. The slewing crane will then continue to take on its usual work such as ship unloading, the storage of fertilizers in silos as well as the loading of trucks and railway wagons.

BRUNNHUBER CRANES GERMANY, headquartered in Augsburg, Berlin and Rostock, produces new cranes for all handling and industrial areas. BRUNNHUBER has been a successful provider of gantry cranes, bridge cranes, container cranes as well as special cranes for production and production for more than 100 years. Our customers include power stations, foundries, steelworks, logistics companies, ports as well as micro-enterprises with individual wishes and needs.