TeichmannGroup modernises and assembles bridge crane for international logistic company

As one of the existing bridge cranes had not been appropriate for plate handling and as it could not be reconstructed the customer decided to dismantle it and to replace it by another crane. Its successor is a crane in as new condition that had been used before in an international steel group for a time period of about one year. In the course of its workshop overhaul this crane installation was adapted to the requirements of the new operator in cooperation with TEICHMANN CRANES in Essen.

Smooth cooperation between Cranetech and TEICHMANN CRANES

At the company location in Essen the TEICHMANN crane specialists adapted the crane to the situation of the existing crane runway. For this the span of the two crane bridges was shortened from 22 meters to 18 meters and the construction height of the complete crane installation was optimized. After that the overhaul of the existing magnetic installation, of all drive components and of the two standard hoists with capacity of 10 t each was on the agenda. In addition to that the construction of a new load beam with 4 load magnets and the workshop overhaul of the existing load beam with 2 load magnets made the order an extensive project.

Afterwards the electrical control system was adapted and a new radio remote control designed for operation of a magnetic installation was delivered. After conclusion of the steel works the components were provided with a primer coat in shining orange colour.

After the reconstruction and modernization works the overhead travelling crane with magnetic installation will be used for storing of steel plates with piece weight of up to 17,0 t for leading steel manufacturers.

Furthermore the crane installation can also be used for general cargo handling. Here the maximum lifting capacity on both hooks is 20,0 t. For its special use the crane has been equipped with a rotating trolley with 2 standard hoists and with magnetic installation for operation with up to 4 individual magnets.

A magnetic traverse with lifting capacity of 10,0 t equipped with 2 load magnets and a magnetic traverse with lifting capacity of 17,0 t equipped with 4 load magnets are also part of the equipment.

Assembly and commissioning were made by the crane service specialists of Cranetech. The final acceptance was carried out without any complaints so that the crane could be handed over to the new operator and put into operation two days later. This was the successful completion of a smooth collaboration.