TeichmannGroup becomes Junior Wrestling Champion with supporting club TV Essen-Dellwig!

Managing Director of the TeichmannGroup and Second Chairman of TV-Essen-Dellwig Dipl.-Kfm. Ralf Teichmann, of course, personally congratulated the newly crowned German Junior Champion Ramzan.

At the German Junior Wrestling Championships 2017 in freestyle, the up-and-coming wrestler Ramzan Awtaew, born in Chechenya in 1998 secured first in the weight class of 55 kg.

The newly crowned German Junior Wrestling Champion Ramzan came to Germany in 2007 as a migrant and experienced in the wrestling club a first contact point for social contacts but also for worries and needs.

Integration through sports

The story of Ramzan, who was able to experience through wrestling, what it means to become a part of a local sports team and thus to be integrated into a new culture is not an individual case. Ralf Teichmann, an entrepreneur from Essen, has been convinced that integration through sports is possible for al long time, which is why he founded the non-profit sports club TV Essen-Dellwig in the neighborhood of his company the Ralf Teichmann GmbH. The sports hall of the wrestling club, located directly at the company‚Äôs location in Essen, gives children and young people with the widest variety of religious, cultural and social backgrounds not only the opportunity to workout anger and stress but is also a first contact point for worries and needs. In this environment, they can make new friendships, train motoric abilities, and learn self-confidence and fairness through teamwork.

In addition, TEICHMANN CRANES supports and promotes young talents not only regarding to sports but also professionally. The newly-selected German Junior Champion Ramzan, has for example already completed a vocational preparation course at TEICHMANN CRANES and is currently applying for an apprenticeship at the crane building company from Essen.