CAUTION – Hot : BRUNNHUBER CRANES delivers new 150/60 t casting crane to Switzerland

A particular challenge for the construction of the 150/60/12 t double-girder bridge crane with a span of 18.7 m was the limited space and the constructional character of the casting hall, which had to be considered for the optimization of the wheel loads. This required a non-standard crane solution where every detail in the design and production process had to be aligned with the individual customer specifications.

Assembly and commissioning of the crane had to take place within a narrow time slot of only 3 weeks and only during the 3-week plant holiday, so that the current steel production would not be disturbed. Accordingly, the BRUNNHUBER CRANES experts worked with high pressure on the production of the crane so that the crane was assembled and commissioned within only 3 weeks in December 2016 – on time for the restart of the operations in early January 2017.

In addition to the narrow time slot for assembly and commissioning of the crane, the limited space within the casting hall was an additional challenge for the BRUNNHUBER CRANES specialists, as it was not possible to lift or turn the crane inside the hall. Instead, the crane had to be preassembled in front of the building and then lifted through the hall roof, which the steel plant opened beforehand.

During this final assembly, a 130 m conductor line was installed as well. Moreover, the crane was connected to the IT network of the steel plant by means of wireless network to enable the customer to permanently monitor the crane and all associated components.

Since then, the new BRUNNHUBER crane has been transporting hot liquid steel of up to 1600 degrees in 3-shift operation into casting ladles – 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

BRUNNHUBER CRANES, headquartered in Augsburg, Berlin and Rostock, produces new cranes for all handling and industrial areas. BRUNNHUBER CRANES as an owner-managed company has been a successful provider of gantry cranes, bridge cranes, container cranes and special cranes for production and production for more than 100 years.

As part of the TeichmannGroup with 9 locations in Germany and Switzerland and over 370 employees, we are one of the market leaders in our industry.

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