TEICHMANN CRANES modernizes Container Gantry Crane for new Logistics Centre in the Port of Duisburg.

Before its assembly in the new Logistics Centre in the Port of Duisburg the gantry crane was overhauled and modernized by the TEICHMANN crane specialists. For allowing container handling TEICHMANN CRANES equipped the crane with an electro-hydraulic telescopic spreader for 20‘/30‘/40‘ positions. This spreader has a hydraulic Twistlock locking system and limit switch supervision for secure container locking and unlocking and 4 stationary container guide rails at the Twistlock corners. Power supply is made via a flexible spreader cable with cable tray.

After thorough workshop test and overhaul of the components the reconstruction and adaptation of the steel construction could be made to achieve the necessary height of supports and trolley track gauge. To prepare the crane for work in the new Logistics Centre the lifting capacity was adapted to 45 t. The span and the lifting height were adapted to 25 m and respectively 11 m.