TEICHMANN CRANES delivers two gantry cranes for steel handling company in Würzburg

Both gantry cranes will be used for the transport of up to 18m long steel bars at the company's plant in Würzburg, Germany.

To prevent a movement of the steel bars during transportation, the crane trolleys are equipped with a special anti-sway system with a load-stabilisation.

Both gantry cranes with each a span of 40m and a load capacity of 8t and 12,5t are remote-controlled and can travel with a working speed of up to 80m/min.

For a more precise handling of the steel bars, one of the gantry cranes is additionally equipped with a rotatable trolley that allows turning of the steel bars while handling them. The rotatable trolley was designed and constructed in close cooperation with the customer at the TEICHMANN site in Essen. 

See the assembly video here.