TEICHMANN CRANES and Cranetech: achieving goals together!

A steel tube gantry crane manufactured by AUMUND in the year 2001 was to be reconstructed due to reorganisation of operational processes. The existing crane jib had to be extended by in total 7 m and the complete crane had to be renovated. Furthermore the crane had to be equipped with new running wheels after modification of the rail profiles and electric rail tongues had to be installed. These works were taken over by the service specialists from Duisburg who sealed the gear units and filled them with synthetic lubricant in the course of the wheel replacement.

The complete steel construction was renewed by the crane specialists from TECHMANN CRANES in Essen where the respective crane jib was manufactured in less than 2 weeks’ time. Due to the considerable breadth of 5 meters and a height of 4,50 m a special transport with police escort was necessary to transport the finished crane jib to the crane location.

After its arrival on site the new jib extension including the new trailing cable system was welded at the fixed leg side in a dizzy height of 30 m. The complete electrical equipment, the electrical switching cabinet and the high-voltage cell were repositioned to optimize the wheel pressures.

Afterwards the electrical restart of the crane was performed by our service specialists from Duisburg. As usual – a great teamwork to the complete satisfaction of the customer!