Successful commissioning of BRUNNHUBER loading bridge in Muttenz near Basel

After a 14-day crossing by ship from Königs Wusterhausen to Muttenz near Basel, the crane components were unloaded in the port and transported to the customer by rail.

The pendulum supports, which were transported by truck to Muttenz, were then preassembled step by step on the ground and afterwards set up. Followingly, the bridge girders were placed onto the pendulum supports with help of  a 500t mobile crane. As a last step, the slewing crane with a weight of 75t that was previously used for agricultural goods handling was placed on the new crane portal. The slewing crane was also modernised by BRUNNHUBER CRANES GERMANY.

The slewing crane will then resume his work such as ship unloading, the storage of fertilizers in silos as well as the loading of trucks and railway vehicles.

BRUNNHUBER CRANES GERMANY, headquartered in Augsburg, Berlin and Rostock, produces new cranes for all handling and industrial areas. BRUNNHUBER has been a successful provider of gantry cranes, bridge cranes, container cranes as well as special cranes for production and production for more than 100 years. Our customers include power stations, foundries, steelworks, logistics companies, ports as well as micro-enterprises with individual wishes and needs.