Inbetween the roofs of Nice!

At the beginning of June, TEICHMANN CRANES delivered a modernised, overhauled and modified 2 x 65 t + 5 t x 14.4 m gantry crane adapted to the French standards and regulations, which was needed for a tunnel construction site in the city center of Nice. Here, the crane was needed for the operation, disassembly and loading of a Herrenknecht tunnel boring machine as well as for the operation of the construction shaft.

Confined space in the middle of Nice’s inner city – no problem for TEICHMANN

Particularly challenging with this project was the limited space, because the construction site was located in the middle of the city on a busy street. The assembly site for the crane lay in the middle of two appartement blocks and was therefore limited to only 20 m. The two 200 t and 130 t mobile cranes for assembling the crane had to be placed centimeter-by-centimetre between balconies. The crane components could furthermore not, as usual, be preassembled on the ground but had to be connected in the air while being lifted by a third 180 t mobile crane. The delivery of the crane components took place just in time and on demand from the periphery of Nice, so that the traffic on the heavily used crossroads was not impaired too much.

Thanks to our excellent and dedicated staff and the clever assembly concept, the gantry crane was fully assembled in just 18 hours, despite these special urban conditions.

Great job!