Second TEICHMANN crane in a row for concrete manufacturer Leonard Moll within only 4.5 months

Reconstruction of the 70m long crane bridge

Reconstruction of the crane trolley and the increase of the lifting capacity

Construction of new crane chassis

Transport of the cane to the customers site in Biebesheim

Assembly of the 20t gantry crane in Biebesheim

On the newly built storage area in Biebesheim the two sister cranes will work simultaneously and will be used for transporting concrete sleepers using grabs.

The assembly video can be seen here..

Conversion according to customer requirements

For the second 2x10t gantry crane that was delivered to the German concrete manufacturer, an existing gantry crane in tubular construction was refurbished and rebuilt to meet the customer's specifications. Among other things, the span of the crane was reduced from 62m to 42m and the load capacity of the crane was increased from 10t to 20t. In addition, the lifting height of the crane was increased from 10.5m to 14.5m.

For the transport by truck, the almost 70m long crane bridge was split into two parts and welded back together on site.

Optimization of the wheel loads

On explicit customer request and in order to not damage the concrete foundation of the storage area, the maximum vertical wheel loads per impeller could not exceed 16t (160 kN). In order to comply with this requirement, new crane chassis with 4 wheels per chassis corner were designed to distribute the resulting forces accordingly.

Complete overhaul at TEICHMANN CRANES in Essen

Both gantry cranes that were delivered to Leonard Moll in Biebesheim have been completely refurbished and overhauled electrically and mechanically. Both cranes were equipped with each cabin controls as well as a radio remote controls which allows the cranes to be controlled both from the cabin and from the ground. The two 28m high TEICHMANN cranes can travel at a maximum speed of up to 80m/min and can lift up to 20t each.

TEICHMANN CRANES is Europe's largest supplier of cranes using refurbished components. Through the targeted use of second-hand, refurbished components, delivery times and prices can be reduced by up to 50% compared to new cranes. With a stock of more than 250 continuously available cranes, we can convert any crane at short notice and are as flexible as a medium-sized company. With 10 locations throughout Germany, we are also a strong service partner for regular UVV & maintenance or conversions & refurbishments for your existing crane.
The concrete manufacturer Leonhard Moll has been a pioneer in the field of prestressed concrete sleepers since 1929. The main customer for these special concrete sleepers is the Deutsche Bahn. The company has locations in Munich, Hanover, Biebesheim, Coswig and Laußig near Leipzig as well as foreign subsidiaries in Poland, Great Britain, Croatia and the Czech Republic.