Repair of a NOELL harbor crane on the Dortmund-Ems Canal for major logistics service provider

Replacing the defect ball-bearing slewing rim

Replacing the defect ball-bearing slewing rim

Noise on the uppercarriage of the crane and a measurement of the tilting clearance required action

The crane service specialists from Essen were consulted because the operator of the crane noticed noises on the uppercarriage when operating the crane. A measurement of the tilting clearance showed significant tolerance violations, so that the replacement of the ball-bearing slewing rim was recommended.

Replacement of the ball-bearing slewing rim using hydraulic lifting cylinders

For the replacement of the ball-bearing slewing rim TEICHMANN CRANES constructed an assembly platform which was mounted at a height of 14 m, where the ball-bearing slewing rim had to be exchanged.

To lift the uppercarriage of the crane, three hydraulic lifting cylinders were installed at three contact points. The lifting cylinders with a lifting capacity of each 100t then lifted the uppercarriage weighing 100t synchronously, by 300mm.

The defective ball-bearing slewing rim was then pulled out and replaced by a new ball-bearing slewing rim. Due to this procedure, the uppercarriage of the crane with a weight of 200t did not have to be completely dismantled. The lifting cylinder solution using a computer-controlled hydraulic synchronizing system therefore represented an effective and cost-efficient solution for the customer as it was not required to use large mobile cranes for dismantling the uppercarriage.

Mobile plane surface machining extends lifetime of the new ball-bearing slewing rim

Subsequently, a measurement of the flange surfaces was carried out in order to guarantee an optimum contact surface of the new ball-bearing slewing rim. The measurement showed that the flange surfaces in the work area of ​​the crane were out of tolerance. To solve this, the flange surfaces were re-turned to plan with a mobile plan surface lathe machine, significantly extending the life of the new ball-bearing slewing rim.

Additional order placed

Due to the good cooperation between TEICHMANN CRANES, the customer also decided to commission the crane specialists from Essen to replace the crane cabine of their 2x5t gantry crane. TEICHMANN supplied a new crane cabin with air conditioning and an optimized viewing area for the ship unloading of bulk material. In addition, the switching system twith frequency converter control of the trolley, which is also housed in the cabin, was completely modernized.

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In addition, we offer a complete crane service for harbor cranes such a 24-hour crane service, refurbishment and modernization and UVV & maintenance. As a member of the Teichmann Group with 10 locations throughout Germany and Switzerland, we are always on hand when you need us.