Refurbished and modernised - TeichmannGroup delivers jib luffing gantry crane for well-known shipyard in Northern Germany

The jib luffing gantry crane, which was originally used for bulk cargo handling, was converted by the Cranetech team according to the customer requirement to use it for general cargo handling in hook and 4-rope grab operation. The span of the crane was also adapted to the existing crane runway and shortened from originally 10.5m to 4.5m. The electrical system of the crane was also completely renewed and equipped with a modern PLC converter control system including a regenerative unit. The crane can now be operated from the crane cabine as well as via radio remote control after the modernisation. In addition, the hoists and crane wheels were overhauled and the crane was given a new paint.

For all new parts of the crane the customer receives a manufacturer's warranty of 24 months. Additionally, the Cranetech GmbH, as part of the Teichmann Group with Europe's largest crane spare parts warehouse and more than 20,000 constantly available articles, can help quickly and flexibly with all issues regarding spare parts.

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