New gantry crane for Dutch manufacturer of precast concrete parts

For the production site of the concrete manufacturer VBI Schuilenburg in Oostermer (NL), TEICHMANN CRANES designed, manufactured and delivered a new gantry crane with a load capacity of 8 t and a span of 29 m. In the future, the crane will transport precast concrete parts in 2-shift operation in the form of so called hollow-core concrete plates for residential construction and will replace an existing gantry crane.

For this purpose, the crane has a lifting height of 7m and can reach working speeds of up to 100m / min.

State-of-the-art technology for effective and high-performance use

For an effective use in two-shift operation, the crane is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and has the latest PLC technology, which is controlled via Wireless LAN. The crane be operated both via cabin control as well as radio control. Everything is perfectly designed with regards to maximum flexibility for the user.

Safe working conditions with LED lighting, video surveillance, laser sensors and wind warning devices

For a safe and user-friendly operation of the crane at any time of the day or night, both the crane bridge, the 4 crane legs, the crane trolley and the crane cabin are equipped with extensive LED lighting.

The laser scanners installed on all crane bogies serve as collision protection and initiate an automatic shutdown of the crane in the event of sudden movements within the crane's working area. In addition, the built-in wind warning device measures both wind speeds and wind directions and warns the crane operator acoustically and visually on a display of upcoming winds.

The comfortably equipped crane cabin is equipped with full heating and air conditioning as well as a touch panel monitor showing current load weight and wind speeds. Moreover the crane driver has a monitor with video surveillance of the space under the crane cabin. Together with floor-to-ceiling windows and a 270 degree rotatable control stand, the crane driver has therefore a comprehensive overview of the work going on around him at all times.

Assembly video: 

TeichmannGroup with 4 production sites in Germany

For a fast delivery of the crane to the customers full satisfaction TEICHMANN CRANES cooperated with its other crane companies within the TeichmannGroup. The construction of the crane took place at  KRAFOTEC GmbH in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, one of a total of 4 manufacturing locations of the TeichmannGroup in Germany.