Integration through sports

Ralf Teichmann and Christian Jäger

Last Saturday finally the time came: After having advanced to the second league “TV Essen – Dellwig” started its first Bundesliga season after 15 years and succeeded sovereignly in holding its ground against the fierce competition of KV 03 Riegelsberg which ensured the leading position in the opening event of the season. Ralf Teichmann, the 2nd chairman of the traditional club was also there in order to cheer on his guys and to support them. He is more than satisfied with the result of the first-phase competition: “I was very happy about the victory of this likeable team and about this fantastic start of the season.”

Ways towards integration

The entrepreneur has long been convinced that integration through sport is possible and so he founded the non-profit sports club in the neighbourhood of TEICHMANN CRANES. The sports hall situated directly at the company location in Essen gives children and young people with very different religious, cultural and social backgrounds the chance to really push their limits and it is also the contact point for expressing their worries and needs. In this environment they can make new friends, they can train their motoric abilities and through the wrestling sport they get team spirit, and they develop sell-confidence and fairness.

The fact that the TeichmannGroup supports child and youth work by promotion of the wrestling sport shows that it is not just striving towards economic success but that it is taking social responsibility as a company and as part of society.