Higher, faster, further - TEICHMANN successfully carries out speed increase on gantry crane

In order to increase the turnover rate of the gantry crane during the transport of reinforced concrete parts, a static calculation of the crane was carried out to determine whether an increase in speed could be realized due to the static conditions of the crane.

Afterwards, the required drive power of the crane was calculated and the required motor size, size of the frequency converter and gear of the crane were determinded accordingly.

Within a week, both crane hoists were furthermore completely overhauled and two new lifting motors and two new special gearboxes were installed. In addition, two more powerful frequency converters were installed to achieve the desired working speed of 6.3m / min.

In addition, a partial load operation was integrated, which allows a maximum lifting speed of 10.9 m / min during empty runs of the crane.

After only one week's standstill, the reconstructed crane was ready for handover to the customer after a successful commissioning and load acceptance test including load test by a crane expert.







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