Hello echo: TEICHMANN-gantry crane assembled tunnel boring machine

So far the construction lot Tulfes-Pfons is the largest lot of the Brenner Base Tunnel and it consists of six different tunnel building sites with total length of 38 km. The construction works are scheduled to be completed by spring 2019. For the construction section with length of 15 km reaching into the Pfons municipality a modern and specially manufactured tunnel boring machine is used. A reliable assembly gantry crane was needed very quickly for assembly of the machine and for being able to carry out the construction works as quickly as possible.

A used gantry crane hits the road

Within a very short time TEICHMANN CRANES delivered a reconstructed second hand double girder gantry crane with lifting capacity of 160 t to Austria, where the colossus with height of 12,5 m and a span of more than 10,5 m was to be used for assembly of the tunnel boring machine and for transport of machine components.

The electrical system of the crane was completely renewed and the technical configuration of the gantry crane’s hoisting gear is impressive. To be able to carry the enormous weight of the machine parts both trolleys are having a lifting capacity of 80,0 t or 80,0/10,0 t and they can be moved together or separately.

Delivery and assembly by TEICHMANN Cranes in record time

The assembly of the second hand crane was performed in record time. Within only some weeks the complete crane installation could be checked and overhauled in the workshop with renewal of almost 80 % of the steel construction for finally being delivered to Austria where the crane was assembled and mounted. BRUNNHUBER CRANES will be responsible for all other service activities.