Hands-on technology - Girl's Day at Teichmann Cranes in Essen

For the 18th time in a row the "Girls' Day" took place in Essen. On this day over 400 companies give young girls from 5th grade onwards insights into traditional "male professions". These include above all occupations in technology, craft, engineering and natural sciences.

The 14-year-old high school student Diana from Essen experienced what it means to work in the mechanical department and was very happy about that. Under professional supervision of course, she was allowed to test her practical skills in the construction hall and find out what it means to work in a technical job like that of a welder or a mechanic.

The Ralf Teichmann GmbH and the TeichmannGroup every year offer apprenticeships in both technical and commercial professions. Whether as a construction mechanic, industrial mechanic, electronics technician, industrial clerk, trainee for office communications, trainee for wholesale and foreign trade. In 2017, the Teichmann Group hired a total of 14 new trainees.