Container gantry crane for new inland port in the Netherlands

The royal Rotra is a Dutch provider of logistics services with a tradition of more than one hundred years offering worldwide transports overland, by sea and in the air. With their own inland terminal located at the head office in Doesburg, the Container Terminal Doesburg, Rotra offers the opportunity to shipping agents to transport their containers in a more cost-effective and more efficient way. For the new inland port that is being created at this location a new crane was needed for container handling from ship to truck.

After dismantling of the already existing crane in the Dutch City of Born the crane was transported to Doesburg, which is more than 170 km away. Before this TEICHMANN CRANES had refurbished individual components of the container gantry crane according to the customer’s requirements.

TEICHMANN CRANES solves logistic challenges in a sovereign manner

Due to the dimensions of the crane components TEICHMANN had to organize a special transport. Particularly the organization of the sea transport turned out to be a real adventure. Not all components (among them for example the bridge segments) could be transported on land due to their size.

All in all, the crane that has been equipped with a suspended open double rail rotating trolley and with an on-board cabin control became higher and broader after its reconstruction: The total length of the bridge was extended to 70 m and the usable jib on the water side to approximately 13 m. As the lifting capacity and the height of the crane were modified the statics had to be recalculated.

To make the crane suitable for handling of containers and swap bodies the lattice stanchions have been reconstructed for a lifting height of 1 over 4 cube containers. The new hoisting units consist of two rope drums, motors, drives, brakes and new ropes and they allow a turnover rate of 30/60 m/min.