BRUNNHUBER CRANES delivers 210t casting crane in just 12 months to Swedish steel manufacturer

Assembly of the casting crane in Sweden.

Design and construction of the crane in Augsburg.

Design and construction of the crane in Augsburg.

The casting crane with a lifting capacity of 210t has a dead weight of 325t and will transport hot liquid iron 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Highest possible availability of the crane on 365 days a year

In order to achieve the highest possible availability of the casting crane, all components of the crane as well as the drive and electrical engineering were designed redundantly. The structure of the crane has also been constructed in the highest classification and the classification of the steel construction is at least to be classified as H3 / B6. The hoists of the crane were also rated as 5m (M8) and are therefore designed for the highest loads.

By using the highest quality components and constructed the crane according to the highest classifications, the BRUNNHUBER casting crane achieves an availability of 99.8%.

Precise weighing of the load

The semi-automatic crane has a main trolley with a carrying capacity of 210t and a dead weight of 170t and a 60t auxiliary trolley, which can tilt the transport bucket with molten mass. Both hoists are mounted on a weighing frame, which makes it possible to weigh the load with an accuracy of +/- 0.1%.

Maintainability in every way 

To increase the maintainability and the maintenance safety of the crane, the entire electrical control system and regulation of the crane was placed in a 16m long, fully air-conditioned container.

In addition, the BRUNNHUBER crane has a new, comfortable inspection concept which allows an easy access to all components of the crane. For this purpose, the crane has no ladder on the crane but instead has spacious platforms that allow easy access to all mechanical components of the crane. Moreover, the crane has an automatic lubrication system that supplies grease to all lubrication points and ensures long trouble-free operation of the mechanical components.

The gears and motors of the crane are additionally prepared for the installation of vibration sensors and can thus be connected to a preventive maintenance sytsem.

Trend-setting crane control system with latest state of the art technology

The BRUNNHUBER crane is equipped with a safety-related control of the latest generation by ABB. A semi-automatic mode that can be expanded to a fully automatic mode and the modern control room, constitutes the casting crane of the 21st century.

The transport of the crane to Northern Sweden took place both over land and over water. Overall, the delivery consisted of 17 large transports. The spectacular on-site assembly also presented a special challenge. The 325t heavy casting crane was first preassembled on the ground with the aid of a 750 t crawler crane and then placed as a whole on the outer extension of the crane track.

BRUNNHUBER CRANES GERMANY with locations in Augsburg, Berlin and Rostock has been a successful manufacturer of new cranes for all handling and industrial sectors since 1900. These mainly include gantry cranes, bridge cranes, container cranes and special cranes for production. As part of the Teichmann Group, the company can look back on a tradition of more than 100 years as a successful crane manufacturer and is one of the few flawless "Made in Germany" crane manufacturers in Germany.