60t TEICHMANN overhead travelling crane lifts precast concrete parts in the Austrian town of Gunskirchen

The refurbished overhead travelling crane with a lifting capacity of 60 tons was overhauled electrically and was equipped with a radio remote control system. In addition, protective roofs for outdoor use were installed above the two trolleys, which protects the trolleys from wind and weather.

The two crane bridges with a length of 41.6m each were divided for transport to Austria and welded back together again on site by TEICHMANN staff.

The crane will transport precast concrete parts at the customer site in Gunskirchen, Austria.

Even after delivery, TEICHMANN CRANES will continue to be the main contact for regular service wich will be carried out through the TEICHMANN location in Ausgburg. Moreover the customer receives a guaranteed supply of spare parts via Europe's largest crane spare parts warehouse with more than 20,000 articles in stocks.