30 years of TEICHMANN CRANES - competence in crane technology since 1988

Business Graduate Ralf Teichmann founded the company in 1988 in Essen.

By now 126 employees work at the company location in Essen. Germany-wide 450 employees are part of the TeichmannGroup.

In the production halls in Essen around 300 cranes are manufactured every year.

The outdoor storage area of ​​35,000 m² holds around 250 crane systems that are rebuilt according to customers specifications.

Europe's largest spare parts warehouse for crane parts and crane components has more than 20,000 items in stock.

The portfolio is rounded off by a comprehensive range of crane services such as UVV inspections, conversions, modernization and a 24-hour emergency service.

With more than 450 employees and a total of 10 locations, the company has grown steadily over the last 30 years and offers customers, in addition to refurbished cranes and components, the complete package of crane services and after-sales support. Germany-wide at 10 locations.

Refurbished second-hand cranes - a niche market in the field of cranes

After completing his traineeship as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant and working in crane companies for several years, Ralf Teichmann quickly realized that crane customers are only given two choices when in need of a crane: either a crane rental or purchase of a brand new crane. But potential customers were not given the chance to purchase a refurbished second-hand crane at significantly lower prices and with faster delivery times than ordering a new crane. So Ralf Teichmann decided to close this gap and found his own company after finishing his business studies.

300 cranes delivered annually to all over the world

Today, TEICHMANN CRANES delivers more than 300 cranes per year to customers all over the world and is Europe's market leader in the field of refurbished cranes. With over 35,000 m² square meters of storage space, the company constantly stocks 250 cranes of all manufacturers and makes, that are customized and adapted according to customers needs. 

Depending on the planned investment volume and desired delivery time, the customer decides to what extent refurbished components are used for the crane and which parts he wants to be brand new parts - all Made in Germany of course and with a manufacturer warranty.

Refurbished cranes  - cheaper, more sustainable and faster than new crane purchases

The customer then receives an individual tailor-made top product "Made in Germany", with manufacturer's warranty and comprehensive after-sales service at significantly lower costs and with shorter delivery times than when buying a new crane. Especially in times of increased competition this is a real customer advantage to be able to realize investment projects at short notice and more cost-effectively.

Family business with medium-sized virtues

Medium-sized virtues such as down-to-earthness and personal contact were exemplified from the beginning by the founder Ralf Teichmann and are still of the company's identity. Many employees accompany the company right from the start and especially identify with the family atmosphere of the company, in which two of the founders three children are already part of.

These medium-sized virtues are an important part of the company's identity and offer customers, in contrast to large corporations, a considerable advantage: "We can respond quickly and flexibly - often faster than the manufacturer itself - and convince, above all, through customer proximity and quick accessibility with 10 locations in Germany. Our 35,000 m² warehouse with over 250 cranes and 20,000 spare parts alone has given us  distionct market position throughout Europe."says founder Ralf Teichmann.

For the next 30 years, the entrepreneur desires, above all, that the medium-sized virtues of the company such as flexibility and down-to-earthness will continue to be an important part of the companys identity - even if the company continues to grow.