TEICHMANN gantry crane centrepiece of construction of new Swine Tunnel in Swinoujscie

The Swine Tunnel is a road construction project for a new road tunnel under the Polish Swine. The 1.8 km long tunnel will connect the Polish city of Swinoujscie, whose western part is on the German island of Usedom, with the eastern part, which is located on the island of Wollin. The car tunnel with a diameter of 12 meters and a two-lane carriageway will significantly relieve the previous ferry traffic between the two islands.

The new tunnel creates a direct connection from the Polish mainland to the island of Usedom and is part of the major Polish infrastructure project expressway S3, which will connect the north of Poland with the south.

The TEICHMANN gantry crane with a load capacity of 42.5t and a span of 25m has a lifting height of 21m for its intended purpose and will lift the tunnel segments into the more than 20m deep tunnel shaft.

The crane will move right over the tunnel shaft thanks to newly constructed crane tracks and can thus continuously supply the tunnel boring machine in the shaft with tunnel segments.

The crane is equipped with a powerful two-rail trolley with two winches and has a load stabilization for a crane operation with a special segment clamp. The crane was manufactured both at the TEICHMANN CRANES location in Essen and at the crane manufacturer KRAFOTEC GmbH in Wittenberg, which has also been part of the Teichmann Group since 2018.

In order to offer the customer the greatest possible availability of the crane during the important 10-month project period, the TeichmannGroup's scope of services includes a 24-hour service guarantee. The customer is looked after by the TEICHMANN service location, Brunnhuber Krane GmbH in Rostock.