Technical information

25 m

Spans approx. 25,0 m 30,0 m 40,0 m
Jibs overall swing leg side approx. 10,3 m 14,0 m 10,3 m
fixed leg side approx. 5,7 m 5,7 m 13,3 m
Lifting height all cranes approx. 13,0 m
Make/Reconstruction Takraf/TEICHMANN
Year of reconstruction 2018


Cranes equipped with:

  • 2 separately and jointly moveable double rail trolleys with standard electric hoists
  • complete renewal of electric control with frequency converters for trolley gear and crane travel gear
  • complete renewal of power supply cables and trailing cable installation
  • complete renewal of painting including thorough removal of rust of the inspected steel construction
  • radio remote control as well as emergency control, optional against additional costs moveable cabin control
  • delivery of gantry crane with guarantee
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