Technical information

37 m
16 m

Span aktuell approx. 37,0 m
Jibs fixed leg side useable/total approx. 4,5 / 6,5 m
swing leg side useable/total approx. 8,5 / 10,5 m
Lifting height/hookpath approx. 10,0 / 17,0 m
Make reconstruction/trolley TEICHMANN /KONE
Year reconstruction/trolley 2012/1986


Crane equipped with:

  • KONE double rail trolley with special rope course to prevent pendulum motion and hook travelling
  • radio remote control with additional function for rotating traverse
  • unilateral gangway along the crane bridge
  • lighting along the main girders
  • complete renewal of cables and electric control in 2012
  • new painting in 2012
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