Technical information

12 tons
17.48 m

Capacity approx. 12.000 kg
Span current approx. 17.480 mm
Span possible approx. 25.270 mm
Hook path approx. 6.000 mm
Make / modification LEG / DEMAG / TEICHMANN
Year of construction / modification / workshop test 1990 / 2001 / 2018
Hoisting class H 3
Stress class B 4
Gear class 2 - 4 m


OET crane with magnetic device
Technical features:
- as good as new rotating trolley with double-V-rope wiring and holding hoist with
Stand-still motor for load stabilisation in all directions of traffic
- TRUNINGER magnetic device special cross beam for handling with plates und plate
lamellas from 0,2 to 2,5 m bride, lengths from short parts to max. approx. 8mm -
depending on plate thickness also longer, groups rotatable from hand for 90°
- Arms for automatic collection von flame grate for flame cutting
- Radio remote control and pendant floor control freely moveable
- Frequency converter for crane travelling gear
- Gangway along the crane girder
- Low installation height because of lowered crane bridge

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