Technical information

42 tons
25 m
10.3 m

42 t x 25 m + 10,3 + 5,7 m

Capacity at the ropes approx. 42,0 t
Span between the rails approx. 25,0 m
Jibs swing leg usable/extendable approx. 6,2/10,3 m
fixed leg usable/ extendable approx. 5,0/10,0 m
Lifting height below spreader approx. 11,3 m
Make/reconstruction TAKRAF/TEICHMANN
Year of reconstructions 1992/2019


Crane equipped with double rail open winch trolley with double drum main hoisting gear and multiple cable lay with slanted cable tensioning for load stabilization, rope distance approx. 6,0 m

on-board cabin control

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