Technical information

45 tons
37 m
35 m

Capacity on ropes approx. 45,0 t
Capacity under spreader approx. 35,0 t
Span after shortening currently / previous length 37,0 / 50,0 m
Jibs swing leg side usable/total approx.18,0 m
       fixed leg usable/total approx. 18,0 m
Lifting height under spreader approx. 14,0 m
Make/reconstruction Kranbau Eberswalde/TEICHMANN
Year of construction/reconstruction 1987/2018


Crane equipped with double rail rotating trolley with fully-housed engine house

Working speeds:
Hoisting gear depending on load max. approx. 40,0 m/min
Trolley travel gear max. approx. 80,0 m/min
Crane travel gear max. approx. 80,0 m/min

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