TeichmannGroup places a major order at the world’s leading supplier of large-diameter diesel and turbomachinery!

Not only through the long-term cooperation with BRUNNHUBER CRANES in Augsburg, but also due to the overall size of the TeichmannGroup, we quickly became an interesting partner for the large order and in the end were able to win this order against many competitors. Due to the considerable personnel requirements for this large project, which was supervised by a total of 2 project managers, the requirement was to provide 16 service specialists in a 5-6-day week, who would cover the entire range of mechanics and electrics. Therefore, not only our Augsburg-based BRUNNHUBER CRANES-site was involved, but all of the sites of the TeichmannGroup were consulted, if they were able to provide personnel so that the order could be completed within the specified deadline.

In total, the foundry in Augsburg houses 100 cranes with a load-bearing capacity of 500 kg – 100 t of the years 1970 to 2014. The task and challenge was to carry out very precise inspection or maintenance, to identify possible defects and, in this case, to replace wearing parts immediately on 57 cranes within 4 weeks in the course of the annual UVV-testing. In order to perform this, a total of 6 lifting platforms were provided. In addition, hoists and other equipment were used in foundry quality because of the enormous temperatures of up to 1,400 ° C that were a potential risk to the hoists and equipment. 

After 3.400 service hours and over 180 performance documents and proofs as well as 285 pages of individual documentation on inspection, maintenance and repair, the cranes were handed over to the customer on time.