TEICHMANN delivers 45t container gantry crane for large container terminal in Hasselt, NL

Assembly of the container gantry crane in Hasselt, NL.

Assembly of crane trolley and cabin.

Assembly of crane trolley and cabin.

Refurbishment and manufacturing

The initial container gantry crane that was going to be refurbished and converted to fit the purpose as a container crane in Hasselt, NL  was initially dismantled at its previous location in Niederhassli near Zurich, where the steelwork of the container crane was completely overhauled. In addition, the crane was re-painted. The crane bridge with a total length of approx. 85m was then transported by ship and truck to the customer location in Hasselt, Netherlands.

Meanwhile all mechanical parts of the crane were transported to the TEICHMANN location in Essen and all crane drives and lifting gearboxes were overhauled. Additionally, new crane trolley drives and lifting motors were installed.

In order to extend the span of the existing crane bridge to a length of 50 m, a 10 m long bridge piece was constructed in Essen, which was then welded together with the overhauled bridge parts in Hasselt.


After all the overhauled and refubished components were transported to Hasselt, the crane was assembled in just 3 weeks.

The new crane is equipped with the latest PLC technology and also has a moving cabin control and a VDL spreader for holding 20, 40 and 45 foot containers. Under the spreader, the crane has a payload of 32t. Under the ropes the crane can lift up to 45t.

See the complete assembly video here.

The cooperation was very professional from start to finish

Tim van der Roest, managing director of the terminal in Hasselt, was very enthusiastic about the German-Dutch cooperation: "The cooperation with TEICHMANN was open, effective, professional and pleasant. The employees and the project management accompanied the project very well from start to finish. Even with interim changes on our part, they have been very flexible and that's especially important in a dynamic environment like logistics."

With the new crane, the terminal operator Westerman Multimodal Logistics expects to double capacities to up to 80,000 TEU per year. In addition, the new gantry crane will increase the storage capacity at the Hasselt, NL location from currently 1,800 containers that can be stored at the same time to approximately 3,000 Container.

"We are the only domestic terminal in Hasselt. Especially in our region there is a lot of industry such as automobile and carpet plants with worldwide import and export volumes. Without the new crane we would sooner or later have reached our capacity limits. Especially the growing industry would without this crane have lead to more container handling by truck, which would have meant higher costs as well as negative environmental effects (higher CO2 emissions). With the new crane, we are now well prepared for the future and can transport our containers more environmentally friendly by ship! From currently 4 departures per ship per week, we want to increase the departures in the long term to up to 12 per week. The new crane helps us to do that."continues Tim van der Roest.

Under the following link you will get to the website of Westerman Logistics and learn more about the new location of the container gantry crane: