TEICHMANN CRANES inspires oversea customer from Saudi Arabia with “Crane in a box” transport system!

Depending on the length, the crane bridge is divided into two or three segments. This makes it possible to transport long crane bridges and all belonging components of the complete crane in just one 40-foot container. After delivery, the crane can then be welded by the customer himself thanks to a prefabricated weld.

A customer from Saudi Arabia bought two bridge cranes, which were shipped by two 40-foot sea containers. In order to be able to ship the first single-girder angle overhead travelling crane 10 t x 14.5 m with a 60 m long crane track and crane supports by sea container, the crane was divided into two segments. For a subsequent re-assembly at the customer, a weld seam was prepared, which would later allow a simple and uncomplicated assembly of the two crane segments. The second single-girder overhead travelling crane 3.2 t x 9.45 m with a 32 m long crane track and crane supports needed no division due to its length so that only the head carriers were removed for shipping.

Thanks to this innovative transport concept, this customer was able to profit from low transport costs and a lower risk than with conventional transport methods – without having to forego real crane quality – made in Germany!

We are pleased to advise you regarding an individual solution for your projects!