TEICHMANN CRANES delivers two brand new crane trolleys in just 12 weeks to wind turbine manufacturer

The two brand-new crane trolleys were designed and manufactured at the TEICHMANN location in Essen, Germany.

The 40t gantry crane is currently used for the transport of precast concrete parts for wind turbines on the customer's storage site. For this purpose, all trolley motors were especially designed for outdoor operation and equipped with a standstill heating.

Assembly and commissioning in record time

The assembly and commissioning of the newly manufactured trolleys with a lifting capacity of each 20 tons as well as the disassembly of the old trolleys was completed in only 5 days over a weekend.

Afterwards, the crane was successfully approved by an expert in accordance with DGUV regulation 52.

During assembly, the new trolleys were connected to a new state-of-the-art switchgear. This has all safety switch-offs such as an overload protection and a newly installed restritcted area deactivation.

New trolleys controlled by radio control

Both trolleys are controlled by radio control and can be operated both in tandem and in single operation. The drive of the two two-rail trolleys is a direct drive using frequency converter control.

In the course of the replacement of the old trolleys, the customer also decided to increase the lifting speed from 5 to 6.3 m / min at full load which was also carried out by TEICHMANN CRANES.

Parallel spindle work of the bolt connections carried out by TEICHMANN crane specialists

Simultaenously to the exchange of the trolleys, the heavily worn-out bolt connections of the pendulum supports of the gantry crane were also accurately spindled using a mobile boring machine by TEICHMANN and new oversized bolts were installed.