Resource-saving refurbished TEICHMANN crane for Green Steel producer in Witten

In the course of the manufacturing process, existing steel components were reused after a general overhaul and reassembled according to customer specifications.

Second-hand crane for sustainable steel production

The steel producer DEW made a conscious decision in favor of a refurbished used crane from TEICHMANN KRANE instead of a new crane. Sustainability plays a major role for the company. "Green Steel", which is characterized by resource-saving and sustainable production processes, is manufactured at the company's  site in Witten. Recycled scrap is used to manufacture innovative and reusable steel products with an electric steelmaking process using an electric arc furnace. The conscious use of renewable energies in the production process significantly reduces CO² emissions.

Transport of steel blocks at speeds of up to 80m / min

The refurbished gantry crane from TEICHMANN KRANE has a load capacity of 20t and a span of 41m and will be used for the handling of steel blocks made of ingot and continuous cast iron using special grippers at. Here, the crane will be able to achieve working speeds of up to 80m / min. The crane moreover has a two-rail trolleys with a motorized rotatable bottom block and can also be operated at a working speed of 80m / min.

Regenerative converters for energy-conscious operation

For a particularly energy-conscious operation, the crane is equipped with regenerative converters that feed the crane's braking energy back into the network. This means that the braking energy is not released into the atmosphere in the form of thermal energy but is transferred back into the crane's network. In addition, the crane, including the crane cabin and transformer house, were given a light top coat to prevent the crane from heating up excessively and to reduce the energy consumption for air conditioning of the transformer house and other temperature-sensitive parts.

Watch the YouTube-Video here.

Resource-saving TEICHMANN crane for Green Steel producer

  • Assembly video 20t x 41m gantry crane

    For the steel manufacturer, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW), TEICHMANN CRANES supplied a second-hand refurbished gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 20t and a span of 41m that was produced in a sustainable and resource-saving manner.