BRUNNHUBER crane defies icy Siberian temperatures in Perm of up to minus 40 degrees!

The construction and production of the second-carrier portal crane with a load-bearing capacity of 15t and a span of 12.6m took place at the BRUNNHUBER CRANES site in Augsburg. Special attention was paid during the steel construction and design of the electrical components to ensure a durability even at maximum temperatures of up to -40 degrees. In addition, the entire electrical system and control system was designed for extreme temperatures. For example, all control cabinets were equiped with insulation and heaters.

For the later installation of a crane lift, in which mining workers would be transported into the shaft, the crane was additionally equipped with a software program which ensures the safety during transport. The newly manufactured BRUNNHUBER second-carrier portal crane 15t x 12,6m has also been designed and manufactured according to all European standards as well as the Russian GOST standard and is already in operation on site after successful assembly, commissioning and crane acceptance testing!

German crane manufacturing quality under the most difficult climatic conditions – no problem for our BRUNNHUBER CRANES specialists!