Brand new or second-hand - we do both!

Upon specific customer request, TEICHMANN CRANES delivered a gantry crane 20t x 25m + 7.5m in steeltube construction as a complete new crane. The crane was delivered including 140 metres of crane rails, which were also laid out by the TEICHMANN team on site. After the successful assemply and commissioning of the crane, it is now used as a storage yard crane for transporting of truck-mounted crane parts. Watch the assembly video here on our Youtube channel.

Ralf Teichmann GmbH is Europe's largest manufacturer-independent supplier of second-hand cranes and compontents and has over 30 yearsopf experience of building and delivering cranes - worldwide. With more than 250 cranes delivered worldwide each year, we are experts in the field of custom-made crane solutions, crane conversions, crane adjustments and crane modernisations. Thanks to our decades of experience in this field, our know-how and our own design department, we can also supply every crane as a complete new crane - depending on the desired investment volume and the required delivery time.

You decide whether as a refurbished and workshop-tested second-hand crane or as a complete new crane.

Corporate Logo Brunnhuber Cranes Germany

Corporate Logo Brunnhuber Cranes Germany

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