Code of Conduct of the TeichmannGroup

Our Mission Statement 

  • We put the customer at the center of our actions
  • We value, challenge and encourage our employees
  • We commit to expanding our role in the area of ​​sustainability
  • We shape our future on the foundation of a successful family business

Corporate Culture

Our Principles

  • Leadership, cooperation and commitment
  • Tolerance and respect
  • Equal opportunities and diversity
  • Lawful behavior
  • Fairness and decency

Quality Management

  • We are certified according to DIN EN 9001

Health and Work Safety

  • We certify ourselves according to OHSAS 18001 and SmS of the professional associations but always with the focus on our employees.

Environmental Protection and Sustainabilty

  • We consistently act according to all environmental and legal frameworks

Integrity in Business Operations

Correct Treatment of Customers and Third Parties

  • Our employees treat customers fairly and on the basis of applicable law
  • We convince through quality, price, performance and suitability
  • Quality and professionalism are our corel characteristics
  • Contracts are adhered to, changes in the contract are considered in the contract framework
  • We do not allow competition to be influenced by bribery, fraud, industrial espionage, theft and coercion

Behavior towards competitors

  • We are committed to the principles of fair, open competition in a free and social market economy
  • We strictly refrain from any unlawful and criminal practices that exclude, restrict or distort competition
  • When dealing with competitors agreements and other activities are strictly prohibited

Internal organizational culture

  • The internal organizational culture follows the norm hierarchy prescribed by the legislator
  • All employees are subject to applicable laws, contracts, works agreements, work regulations, procedures and work instructions provided by the company
  • As a growing company in a dynamic market environment, we face the challenge of constantly reviewing our organization and our Code of Conduct
  • To make adjustments and revisions is the responsibility of the management