We are Europe‘s largest manufacturer-independent supplier of crane installations using second hand components.


With the targeted use of second hand components and with individual crane reconstructions according to customer specifications we are offering an alternative to the purchase of brand new cranes. For our customers this means benefitting from customized solutions and from prices and delivery periods which are reduced by up to 50 %. Furthermore the unique inventory we hold in stock with Europe’s largest spare parts warehouse and 250 cranes which are permanently available allows us to offer a big choice of individual components and spare parts readily available at any time. In case of emergency we can lend the appropriate spare part from one of our 250 second hand cranes without any delay and until the new replacement part arrives. This service provides our customers with maximum flexibility and makes us unique crane service company.

We are market leader in the field of used cranes and we are continuously committed to our service philosophy. As medium-sized company we focus on virtues like quick and personal service, flexibility and customer friendliness.

For further information, see our company brochures below:

  • TEICHMANN CRANES company brochure


  • Complete Crane Service


  • Container Cranes and Harbour Cranes

  • Spare parts


Our portfolio of services not just includes modernization and reconstruction, accessories and spare parts but we also offer you a comprehensive complete crane service for any crane brand from a single source. This service comprises:

  • Reconstruction, modernization & increase of Capacity
  • Measuring & line boring service
  • Transport & logistics
  • Assembly & reception
  • 24-Hour Service, inspection & repairs
  • UVV
  • BGV A 3 inspections
  • Crane training seminars

Particularly with our 24-Hour On-Call-Service „0800-Kranfit“  that is available round-the-clock nationwide and abroad for new and established customers we are in a position to help you immediately in case of damages due to accidents, disturbances or wear.

On the basis of our huge stock of inventory comprising hundreds of spare part components we are often able to help immediately and even faster than the manufacturer himself. Consequently in case of standstills of installations we can spring into action without delay and thus minimize our customer’s economic losses caused by crane downtimes.

To prevent future emergencies we also offer all-round service packages providing for regular maintenance works keeping your cranes installations reliable.